Who is TA-DA?

We are moms, dads, brothers and sisters from around the globe who are passionate about our mission of language and cultural acquisition for children.

Michelle Glorieux, CEO and founder of TA-DA! taught around the globe and then became the mom of a trilingual. No matter where she roamed, the families of her students, and ultimately her own family, could not find appropriate resources to teach young children languages. That’s when she got creative! She joined forces with a stellar group of people spread out around the globe who each offer a unique linguistic and cultural experience. Belief and passion in this first-of-its-kind project brought them together and they’ve been literally working around the clock to make this happen ever since. The TA-DA! family makes it fun, and easy, for kids to learn languages and culture. When children learn a language, they earn a better understanding of the world. That’s where the magic happens.

Meet the Team


Michelle Glorieux

CEO / Founder

When not supporting and encouraging her lovely team members, Michelle enjoys culturally diverse, sunny living with her trilingual family (French, Dutch and English) in San Francisco Bay. She lives and breathes language and culture and has many sleepless nights from sheer idea invasion. She lives for children’s causes and calls herself lucky for having been able to do what she loves - teaching French and English around the globe (she spent the last 7 years in Belgium). Michelle has degrees in both language and radio/TV/film, and actually was a journalist in another life. When she returns to her roots, she’s with family in Nashville sporting cowboy boots – and just maybe letting slip the occasional 'y’all'. (That's her running the streets of Germany...in another of her former lives.)


Jesse Lewis

Music Maestro

Jesse is a four-time Grammy Award winning music producer and recording engineer, accoladed for producing some of the most adventurous recordings in the world. He is well known for his collaborations with Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, the Los Angeles Philharmonic with Gustavo Dudamel, A Far Cry, Brooklyn Rider, Ethel, Jan Vogler, and many others. Every project he does has the uniqueness of something that only happens once. Jesse grew up in Seattle, Washington playing trumpet and cello. When not producing music for others, he likes to jam with baroque and grunge cello in his stomping ground of Boston. Jesse lives and is raising his daughter in a bilingual English-Japanese household.


Michelle Hiraishi

Eye Candy Creator One

In love with art from the start, Michelle graduated from CSUF in Los Angeles with a BFA in Animation and Entertainment Design. She enjoys working as both a storyboard artist in animation and as an illustrator for children’s books and more. When not sipping tea, Michelle can be found wielding her tools of choice pretty much around the clock (that would be watercolors, ink and Photoshop). Michelle lives with her twin sister in a Japanese-American household in L.A. (Good things do come in 2s…)


Kelsey Suan

Eye Candy Creator Two

You may think we are making this stuff up as we go along, but Kelsey just happens to be the second twin of our team (See what we mean about good things?) She ‘too’, graduated with a BFA from CSUF in Los Angeles. Kelsey grew up with both Filipino and Mexican heritage in Los Angeles and says she remembers as a little girl dreaming about becoming a children’s book illustrator. She calls this project her ‘happy place’.


Manolis Kelaidis

Mad Scientist

Both designer and engineer, Manolis received dual master’s degrees in both Mechanical and Industrial Design Engineering in both Athens and London. As a child he received Greek, German and American education. Manolis has worked in both biomedical engineering and aeronautics, but his real baby is paper technologies - physical and digital interfaces, printed electronics, emerging materials and manufacturing processes. Spending late nights in his lab concocting all sorts of lovely creations, we like to think of him as our mad scientist.


Charles Chang


A member of an international, multicultural family (dispersed across the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe), Charles grew up in New York with regular trilingual exposure to Korean, Spanish, and English. He has long been fascinated by all aspects of human language, especially sound systems, language learning, and bi-/multilingualism, and received his academic training in both theoretical and applied linguistics at Harvard, Cambridge, and UC Berkeley. After teaching gigs at Rice and SOAS (University of London), Charles joined the Linguistics faculty at Boston University in 2015. Apart from teaching and thinking about questions in phonetics, language acquisition, and language attrition, he enjoys a classic striped shirt and a good laugh.


Andrew Watson

Book Designer Extra-ordinaire

Andrew is our Englishman in…Spain! He recently traded in Big Ben and double decker buses in bustling London for sun and oranges in a quaint, coastal village of Andalusia. A man of many talents, Andrew has been designing children’s books for more than 15 years. You may recognize many of the award winning projects in which he played a vital role - David Litchfield’s, ”The Bear and the Piano” and "Grandad’s Secret Giant"; Stephen Walton’s Counting Lions; Naomi Howarth’s “The Crow’s Tale”; Many Hoffman’s, "Amazing Grace, 25th Anniversary Edition"…the truly inspiring list just goes on and on. When Andrew's not drawing, painting, and designing - he’s juggling or brushing up on his Spanish (sometimes both...at once).




Kip Jones is an accomplished musician and composer, most commonly seen behind a violin or piano, or on stage performing with the illustrious ensemble Ethel, the trail-blazing, NY based string quartet accoladed worldwide for redefining contemporary concert music as we know it. (Their debut album, ETHEL, was a Billboard Best Recording.) A master of improvisation and all over good vibrations, we are convinced there is no crowd Kip cannot enchant, be it cave dwellers two miles inside Chom Ong Tai in Laos; nomadic Mongolian herders - or a large room of screaming child fans! With a voracious curiosity for life, Kip has called many countries home and has many languages under his belt, among them Korean and French.


Zack Goehner

Marketing Guy

If the rest of the team are farmers, Zack's the guy driving the apples to the farmer's market and making sure everything's set up nicely for folks walking through on a sunny Saturday morning. He's been creating websites and marketing strategies for, at least, most of his life. He lives near Milwaukee and owns at least two snow shovels. His two young sons aren't entirely convinced he doesn't travel to the moon every once in a while, and that puts him completely over it.


Christian Glorieux

Inspiration / 3-year-old Trilingual

Avid lover of books and music (with photography rising in status), Christian is the reason this team got together. Mommy was in short supply of resources to adequately expose him to the 3 languages he needed to speak to family…so she got creative.