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Language is magical.

We are redefining what books - and even sound books - can do.

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TA-DA! Language Productions is proud to present...

Language Adventures

Talking Picture Dictionary

… beautifully bound, interactive books embedded with printed paper technology innovation. Kids can simply touch normal paper in a book with their little fingers and TA-DA!, like magic, they come to life with real, native speakers, ambient sound effects, and in the “Language Adventures” series, finger-snapping tunes by 4x Grammy® award-winning music producer and sound engineer Jesse Lewis.

We wanted to make it easy for kids to be exposed to different languages without a screen from day one, regardless of what language(s) their parents speak.

Created by accomplished artists from multicultural homes, a globe-trotting language teacher & mom of a trilingual; and a globetrotting music producer who became a daddy to a little girl who needed to speak a language he most certainly did not - these books are filled to the brim with multicultural & multilingual mystery and know-how.

They’ve been designed, tested and approved by the entire TA-DA! team, kids (including our own!), mommies, daddies, teachers & linguists worldwide.

Our first offerings are beautifully bound sound books, but talking posters and more are just around the bend.

We are proud to have had the opportunity to present a prototype of our interactive poster to The Roggie School in Ethiopia, where our CEO was a guest English teacher this past February. Once we can get this ship out of port, we will be donating our books to schools like this one where learning English can significantly change lives and allow them to escape the clutches of extreme poverty.

Get a sneak peak at some of our prototypes in the photo gallery below - including videos of children from that Ethiopian school (and even their bus driver) experiencing a paper poster coming to life with the touch of their little ol’ finger!