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Language is magical.

The Talking Picture Dictionary Series



We wanted a complete, vocabulary immersion program, in a book, that provided native speaker pronunciation, no screens, and no CDs or downloads required.

Furthermore, in addition to resulting in a complete EXPLOSION of useful, real-world, and kid-friendly language, it would be an experience that kids would want to relive…time and time again.


TA-DA! is proud to present a book that does all of that and more:

Children's Illustrated Talking Dictionary:
Vol 1: In and Around the House

This book talks!™

Created by Michelle Glorieux
Illustrated by Michelle Hiraishi
Book cover and interior design by Andrew Watson
Sound engineered by 4x Grammy winning Jesse Lewis

Dive into a seek-and-find adventure with over 700 words and sounds! Revolutionary paper electronics allow kids to simply touch the images on the paper with their finger, and TA-DA! like magic, the words come to life with stunning ambient sounds and native speakers. Learn a language while having fun!

  • Available in American English

  • Coming in 2019

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Now kids can effectively attain AN ARSENAL of vocabulary while having F-U-N!

This beautiful dictionary talks. Revolutionary, paper electronic innovation allows kids to simply touch the 720 images in this beautifully-bound book, and TA-DA!, like magic, they come to life with a sensorial feast of real, ambient sounds to help trigger recognition (no matter what your language) and prepare the brain for optimal word absorption in the target language of the book. These sound effects are followed by native speakers of all shapes and sizes pronouncing the target vocabulary. In fact, every time a finger touches the image on normal paper, randomization allows for up to a dozen different, native speakers to pronounce the word, providing a rich, aural tool for language learning. (We think of it as the next best thing to sitting on the lap of a native speaker you love.)

Take it up a notch by playing the accompanying seek and find game. Every target word is hidden in a beautifully illustrated, hand-watercolored illustration. Can you spy all 720 words? And just how fast can you do so? This is the ultimate challenge of the book, and one that will ensure kids are self-motivated to play, facilitating a natural and effective acquisition of all target words. (We’ve actually had to pry the book away from adults as well.)

4x Grammy-winning sensation Jesse Lewis produces these language powerhouses! Hear not one, but a variety of correct pronunciations of core words that are encountered in everyday conversations, and learn culture by seeing it in its natural context.

Our goal: Bringing technology back to books, and the complete savoring of the language learning journey - be it one’s own, native language or a foreign one. 


First off the presses: Volume 1, 720 words In and Around the House

Brought to you in a bold and beautiful, large format: 34 cm x 34 cm • hardback • 720 vocabulary words • ecologically responsible with cardboard from sustainable forests • age 5+

No CDs, no computers or downloads required. No parts to lose.

The sound quality is so good, we’ve included a headphone jack (and volume control)

Currently available in American English. German and French are being created now. Many more language versions to come!


This complete first step for language acquisition, literally at your fingertips, is illustrated by the talented Michelle Hiraishi, who grew up in a Japanese-American household. Michelle has her Bachelor of fine arts in Animation & Entertainment Design from California State University. Her beautifully drawn, hand-watercolored illustrations, rampant with imagination and diversity, welcome your child into different home settings for discovery, play, and language mastery. Parade through a neighborhood while munching on watermelon - or in a backyard where nature, a treehouse and popsicles abound. Enter a kitchen where you can become a pastry chef, concocting delightful cookies and cakes. Learn culture by seeing it in context, joining families celebrating typical holidays in different cultural settings. Your child will enjoy discovering - and dreaming - as they become proficient in the first 700+ words in & around a home!




This is the first of its kind, but not the last!

Already created and in line for its debut:

Volume 2, the first 700+ words In and Around the City!