The Language Adventure Series



We wanted a way for our little tikes to ultimately want to pick up a (screenless) book and absolutely savor acquiring new vocabulary from native speakers worldwide.


Hear samples from A Funny Day at the Zoo:

TA-DA! is proud to present:

Language Adventures:
A Funny Day at the Zoo

This book talks!™

Illustrated by Kelsey Suan
Created by Michelle Glorieux
Book cover & interior design by Andrew Watson
Sound produced & engineered by 4x Grammy-winning Jesse Lewis

Follow a boy and his sidekick on an adventure at the zoo in this exciting, new, interactive, picture book from TA-DA! It’s the very first of its kind – and the first in The Language Adventure series; designed to expose children to world languages in an easy, natural and enjoyable way.

Kids are introduced to 12 words in a world language in each book. State-of-the-art paper electronics allows kids to simply touch the images on the paper of an otherwise normal-looking-book and hear words spoken by real, native speakers. The magic is enhanced with real ambient sounds and original, toe-tapping tunes by Grammy winning sensation Jesse Lewis!

It’s a fun and delightful way to bring language to life!

  • Available in American English, Spanish, German, French and Mandarin Chinese.

  • Ages 0+

  • Coming May 2019



And how about we meet the man behind the zebra?

Click on the mic-toting zebra below!



A new, state-of-the-art sound book series designed to transport little tikes on language learning adventures in magical worlds! Kids will learn 12 new words in a language in each and every book! Books are currently available in American English, Spanish, French, German and Mandarin Chinese. (More to follow!)

24 pages • 18 x 18 cm • board book • round corners • perfect for little hands • ecologically responsible with cardboard from sustainable forests • age 0+

Discover the enchanting worlds of 4 charming heroes - a boy and a girl who speak different languages and their inseparable, stuffed animal sidekicks! These are moving tales about discovery and exploration, imagination, and also friendship.

Kids simply touch the paper and TA-DA! It magically comes to life with native speaker pronunciation, real animal sounds and delightful, original music by 4x Grammy-winning Jesse Lewis! Each book affords a unique musical soundscape, exposing the little guys to a variety of musical genres and instruments, awakening the senses and affording a jolly good ol’ time! The sound technology is new, state-of-the-art; It’s incredibly, crisp and clear. It’s the first of its kind. There are no CDs, no computers, no downloads required. There are no parts to assemble or lose. It’s absolutely zero fuss. Everything is seamlessly integrated into a beautifully bound book.

This first segment of Language Adventures is illustrated by a talented, young graduate of California State University, Kelsey Suan. With her B.A. in Illustration in hand, Kelsey embarked on her childhood dream of children’s book illustration. Kelsey designed the first 2 heroes of the series based on the founder’s son and his inseparable bunny sidekick; but the little girl in the series was based on herself and twin sister as little girls growing up in a dual heritage family.

With illustrations and sound that ‘speak’ on different levels, the series is designed for children to continue discovering and enjoying as they grow. 

Our first books will take children on adventures at a not-so-typical zoo, an unsuspecting ocean and a camping trip in the backyard (or is it a magical forest?) It’s a most delightful way to learn and love language!



Designed by accomplished artists from multicultural homes, a globe-trotting language teacher & mom of a trilingual, and a 4x Grammy-winning music producer and sound engineer who became a daddy to a little girl who needed to speak a language he most certainly did not, these books are filled to the brim with multicultural & multilingual mystery and know-how.

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The TA-DA! books have been designed, tested and approved by kids, mommies, daddies & linguists worldwide!