TA-DA! was created to inspire children to explore the magic of language. Our first project is a series of interactive books that voice words aloud when children touch the pages.

We’ve partnered with brilliant engineers to integrate groundbreaking technology in printed electronics. These are real, durable, physical books with paper. There are no screens, no CDs, nothing to download, no power cords.

Tiny printed wires are embedded between pages of paper, allowing the pages to respond like a touchscreen. The sound you’ll hear is the best sound quality on the market, engineered by 4x Grammy-winner Jesse Lewis. Each book features real, ambient soundscapes and native speakers from around the world.


Language Adventures is a board book series designed for toddlers beginning their journey in language acquisition. Children will learn one new word per page, with sound, music, and lush illustrations creating a delightful and enriching early-learning experience.

Children’s Illustrated Talking Picture Dictionary is a seek-and-find adventure-style series that takes kids around their homes, around cities, on vacation, and more, with over 720 words in 6 languages, designed to introduce language and culture to kids of all ages.


I’m Michelle Glorieux, CEO and founder of TA-DA!

I taught around the globe and then became the mom of a trilingual. No matter where I hung my hat, the families of my students, and ultimately my own family, could not find appropriate resources to teach young children languages. That’s when I got creative!

I joined forces with a stellar group of people. We’re spread out around the globe and all offer a unique linguistic and cultural experience. Belief and passion in this first-of-its-kind project brought us together. We make it fun, and easy, for kids to learn languages and culture. When children learn a language, they earn a better understanding of the world. That’s where the magic happens.


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