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Geography Spotlight


Calling all artists who wish to spread the love of language & culture!

Know children who enjoy drawing and painting? Would you like to help us here at TA-DA! teach children around the world about this beautiful, diverse world in which we live? Well you can!

Simply send us a work of art in any medium of a city, country etc. you admire - and we’ll share your chef-d’oeuvre (that means ‘work of art’ in French) with the world!

Take a photo of your art or scan it and send it to us via our website or on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn pages. Be sure to include the location of the work of art and any interesting fact(s) you’d like us to share (we’re happy to provide them on our end too); your age and a name (it can be made up!).

We can’t wait to see what you create!