Slow Travel: Vienna, Austria


Destination: Vienna, Austria

Language: German 

How to say the essentials in the local language:

  • Hello: Hallo

  • Goodbye: Auf Wiedersehen

  • Please: Bitte

  • Thank you: Danke

  • Where’s the bathroom/restroom (toilet): Wo sind die Toiletten?

(Thank you to my German friend, Tamim Swaid, for verifying our translations!)

So we got lucky in 2015. We lived close at the time as well, truth be told. But that year we made it to not one, but two Christmas markets. And crazy thing, they both were just named among the top best markets in the world by CNN Travel.

We did enjoy experiencing the markets, but honestly, we didn’t spend too much time there. It was freezing and it was best to keep the body in movement! We’re not big shoppers anyhow, and what we really enjoy is simply walking everywhere and taking in the aura of the place and its inhabitants. I loved all the details of this city and getting to behold Klimt’s The Kiss in the flesh. We also learned more about opera and classical music, Vienna being a first rate destination for both. (On the way home we actually took a detour to nearby Salzburg to visit the home of Mozart - highly recommended!)

New insights, lots of rest stops for hot chocolate, warming up by the fire & cuddling on each other is what this trip was for me. (I miss that little one year old!~)