Slow Travel: Strasbourg, France


Destination: Strasbourg, France

Language:  French 

How to say the essentials in the local language:

  • Hello: Bonjour

  • Goodbye: Au revoir 

  • Please: s’il vous plaît 

  • Thank you: merci

  • Where’s the bathroom/restroom (toilet):  Où sont les toilettes?

(Our hearts go out to the families affected by the recent tragedy in Strasbourg. In this time of sadness for all of France, we wish to celebrate the light and all the goodness that is part of the Strasbourg culture.)

We visited what has been named the best Christmas market in the world when my son was one year old.  

It was a wonderful, family moment with beautiful sights, decorations, and world class food and drink. It was cold and jam packed with visitors from around the world, but early morning strolls afforded uninterrupted moments - and photo ops.

(Thank you to my friends Sue Geelan and Strasbourg native Thomas Engler for contributing some of their personal photos to this post.)