Slow Travel: Redu, Belgium


Destination: Redu, Belgium

Local language: French

How to say the essentials in the local language:

  • Hello: Bonjour

  • Goodbye: Au revoir

  • Please: S’il vous plaît 

  • Thank you: Merci

  • Where’s the bathroom? Où sont les toilettes? 


Tucked away at the edge of the Ardennes forest in the French speaking part of Belgium, we stumbled upon the teeny tiny village of Redu (population 400)… also known as ‘le village du livre’, or ‘the village of books’. Just about every home or shop in the village houses a new or second hand book shop with titles for even the most astute bookworms (mainly in French, of course). It was the perfect trip to walk around with stroller taking in the tranquilizing sights and sounds (homes made out of local stones, warm fire pits and of course the smell of a beautifully bound paper book…Ahhhh)...

Also savored: fresh air, a good meal (complete with cutlery sword fights & unrivaled Belgian beer for the adults); and quality, family time.