Slow Travel: Moclín, Spain


Destination: Moclín, Spain

Population: 600

Local language: Spanish (actually its Andaluz...which is a super strong accent and dialect - the most difficult place in Spain to learn Spanish!!)

How to say the essentials in the local language:

  • Hello: Hola

  • Goodbye: Adios

  • Please: Por favor

  • Thank you: Gracias

  • Where’s the bathroom? ¿Donde estan los baños? 


This small village is PACKED with history. It was the last place Isabel and Fernando (Los Reyes Catolicos) stayed before they invaded Granada and ousted the Moorish people in 1492. It has a huge ruined castle which had been under siege for over 200 years. Most of the damage was caused during the Spanish Civil War as Moclín was a frontier village. There are many civil war trenches still preserved all around the village.

Moclín has some great walking routes. Very steep ravines and gorges, and cool rope walks and suspension bridges.

Many people think that Southern Spain is hot all year round. It’s not: Moclín often gets snow in the winter (and the ski resort is only an hour away). However, in the summer, temperatures regularly reach 40° C (over 100° F).