How We Celebrate

Thanksgiving is a major holiday in the United States, but the TA-DA! team spans the globe. Here’s how some of us spend the season.



This year I am thankful for my health and having such loving supportive friends and family! Thanksgiving meals with my family looks very much like the traditional American kind, with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, yams, etc.


However, since I am half Mexican and half Filipino there are some additions to the usual cuisine you might expect.

My mother’s side makes delicious tamales!


On my father’s side I’ll see puto, which is a sweet, steamed rice cake!


Our Thanksgiving tradition is us gathering together in the kitchen to say a little prayer before we eat. Kids sit at the kid tables while adults have their own. I find myself still sitting at the kid tables with my sisters and younger cousins because we tend to have a full house! We eat and catch up and have a good time.

Michelle G.

Founder / CEO

I am so thankful for… THIS LITTLE TURKEY!

DSCF2768 2.jpeg family... And also the TA-DA! family (the chosen family) with whom I am blessed to share a joyful adventure of meaning.

What Thanksgiving is to us:

(Weighing “the turkey”)
Pumpkin pie
Shrimp Dip (my mom’s tradition…can taste it already!)
Cranberry sherbet (another family tradition from my maternal grandmother that we anticipate all year!)
Taking the time to really savor the moment
Dressing (or stuffing!)
Family & Friends (who fill our hearts with meaning)
Making the table (& home) festive and fun
Being silly and having fun!
Counting our blessings


Marketing Guy

One Thanksgiving tradition in our family is making a classic southern-fried comfort food, corn fritters. We call them "planets" because they look like asteroids or something from space.


If you're not afraid of a little deep-frying magic, try this recipe.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is finally having the freedom to play my Christmas music out loud :)

This year, I'm profoundly grateful for the motley assemblage of brilliant minds that is TA-DA! To work alongside everyone on this team, building something that will help and inspire children around the world, is a dream come true for me.


Book Designer

Thanksgiving doesn't exist in Spain, In fact, Christmas (Navidad) is also not widely celebrated. The main day is the 5th and 6th of January when the Three Kings (Los Reyos Magos) visit every village and distribute presents to all the children. in the old days it would have been on a donkey, however these days its more often on a tractor!



I'm tremendously thankful for my dear family and friends, a job I value, trusted colleagues, and my physical and mental health.

Thanksgiving at my house, or 'Changsgiving' as we prefer to call it, is a mix of U.S. traditions and our own innovations. Apart from reflection, it is very much about (re)connecting with family over good food, and although the prep is exhausting (we make all the dishes from scratch, which takes well over a day) it is totally worth it. One year, our plates consisted mostly of traditional trimmings (as pictured: baked turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, caramelized carrots, fresh corn succotash, bread stuffing, baked cranberry sauce with apple and orange, olive oil asparagus, and buttered broccoli). Another year, we eschewed all the separate vegetable dishes in favor of doing a colorful, Asian-style vegetable stir-fry (pictured; ingredients -- red bell pepper, red onion, broccoli, squash, mushrooms), sauteed in garlic and sesame oil. Needless to say, this was all delicious. So, I suppose it's hard to say what Changsgiving will look like this year exactly, but it will surely result in lots of laughs and happy tummies in the end.

Michelle H.


I'm thankful for my friends, family, and all the wonderful projects (TA-DA!) that I've been apart of! We typically eat typical American Thanksgiving food (turkey, stuffing, greenbean casserole) along with a platter of sushi, we'll also order a Japanese strawberry cake which I love as it's very light and not overly-sweet.

How do you celebrate? Share your traditions with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Happy Thanksgiving / Thursday! :)

Zack Goehner