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Our beginnings

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We couldn’t find what we wanted and needed to help our kids learn languages, so we made it ourselves.
— Michelle Glorieux, CEO & Founder

TA-DA! was created to inspire children to explore the magic of language. Our CEO and Founder taught languages around the globe and then became the mom of a trilingual. No matter where she hung her hat, the families of her beloved students (and ultimately her own) could not find appropriate resources to teach young children languages. That’s when she got creative.

She joined forces with talented artists, engineers, a Harvard/Berkeley linguist and a Grammy® Award-winning music producer (and more) and began developing the materials she desired. The result is a labor of love.

Our first products are beautifully bound, interactive books which are nothing short of magic. Simply touch the images on the paper with your finger and TA-DA!, like magic, they come to life with real, native speakers from around the globe. There is no exposed plastic, no CDs, no plugs, no computers or downloads required. We like to think of it as an iPad® without the screen. 

Pretty cool, right? Well, being parents ourselves, and sharing a team with that Grammy-winning, musical genius (who just so happens to be a new daddy to a multilingual princess), we took things up a notch. We added a splash of real ambient sound effects and in the Language Adventure Series, original, toe-tapping tunes that will have the entire family singing in the shower. (For real.)

The result? Top-notch, long-overdue materials that are both developmental and entertaining.

Have fun learning language!