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A new era of sound books for children that teach language


Hot off the press! Our first book in the ‘Language Adventures’ series for ages 0-5


Experience the magic of a rich and immersive reading experience—and learn languages with your kids

Get smart! Learn 12 vocabulary words spoken by native speakers, accessible with the touch of a little finger on the actual pages of these books.

+ Groove to 12 original tunes that match each page’s storyline, produced by 4-time Grammy® Award-winner Jesse Lewis

 + Never miss a beat - or a word - with our crisp, clear, cutting-edge sound technology.

+ Savor an immersive soundscape featuring real animal sounds verified by the San Francisco Zoo - and a wide variety of musical instruments & styles.

+ Delight in 12 charming, illustrated scenes with irresistible characters, created to spark your child’s imagination and encourage conversation.

+ Rest assured: we’re working with linguists and speech development experts.

+ Chew on this: these books are durable, safety tested (ASTM, CPSIA, CE, CCPSA), and environmentally friendly with FSC (forest friendly) paper.

+ Get even more! Kids will love exploring 6 additional printed vocabulary words presented as a seek-and-find game throughout the book.



TA-DA! is proud to present: “Language Adventures, A Funny Day at the Zoo”

A new, state-of-the-art, language-learning, sound book series designed to transport little tikes on language learning adventures in magical worlds!

Follow a boy and his sidekick on an adventure at the zoo in this exciting, new, interactive, picture book from TA-DA!

It’s the very first of its kind and the first in our “Language Adventures” series, designed to expose children to world languages in an easy, natural and enjoyable way.

State-of-the-art paper electronics allows kids to simply touch the images on the paper and hear 12 key vocabulary words spoken by native speakers. Nouns are the perfect foundation and the building blocks of language. There’s strong evidence to connect vocabulary with future language and brain development.

These native pronunciations are accompanied by a unique musical soundscape on each page, with real ambient animal sounds and original, toe-tapping tunes by Grammy® Award-winner Jesse Lewis. The music is crafted to match the scene of each page, creating an immersive reading experience while exposing our little guys and gals to a variety of musical genres and instruments. The sound technology is incredibly crisp and clear.

This debut Language Adventures book features a little boy and his bunny sidekick who discover a “secret”at the zoo. Thoughtfully designed to spark imagination and language skills, this engaging narrative is told through beautiful, detailed illustrations without a script, yet ripe with story details. The target vocabulary word is written on the page in an early reading font.

This series of books is designed for you to bond with your child. Let them discover and explore with your guiding hand, teaching them how to activate the sound on the page, although you may be surprised by the details they notice even before you!

It’s a most delightful way to learn and love language!

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Language learning made magical.


We here at TA-DA! believe language learning for children should be immersive - and fun. Children should have a way to interact with native speakers no matter what languages their parents might speak; they should be able to embark as early as possible; and it should be accessible without screens in the early years.

TA-DA! magically weaves paper tech, art, words, storytelling, music and sound for children ages 0-12+ to bring native speakers to children so that they may learn languages.

We are developing a line of products that will accompany your children from birth until their teenage years. Learn more about our origins.


This isn’t all we’ve got cookin’! Take a peek in our kitchen: