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New books that come to life with language like magic - with just the touch of a finger!




We create materials that help children learn languages.


We couldn’t find what we wanted and needed for our own kids, so we made it ourselves. 

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Everything we’ve developed was done in partnership with students, teachers and linguists worldwide.



Our first products are beautiful books embedded with printed technology innovation. Simply touch the images on normal paper with your finger and TA-DA! Like magic, they come to life with native speakers, ambient sounds and (in the “Language Adventures” series) original, toe-tapping tunes by four-time Grammy® award-winning music producer and recording engineer Jesse Lewis. There are no CDs, no computers or downloads required. Everything is seamlessly integrated into a beautiful]y bound book. It’s the next best thing to sitting on the lap of a native speaker you love. You can bring another country and its speakers to your doorstep with the touch of a finger. It’s our own special recipe and it’s made with love (and lots of secret sauce).



Language is magical.

Inspire children to explore languages and discover cultures.



 Join the adventure.


Language is magical.


What do you get when you combine an unstoppable desire for kids to learn languages and cultures, a Grammy® award-winning musical genius, and the latest in paper innovation? Magic!